Wright Acupuncture for Total Wellness, LLC is dedicated to providing adults and children ages 6 and above with competent and compassionate acupuncture consultation and treatment designed to promote healing and wellness. We specialize in the care and treatment of those living with challenging chronic conditions including, but not limited to, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety, diabetes, hypertension, migraines, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, vertigo and peripheral neuropathy.



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Welcome the Joy, Warmth and Laughter of Summer!

The Fire Element of Summer Happy June!  I hope this month finds you and those you love happy and well.  As summer approaches, I wanted to share some tips on staying healthy during the warmer months when yang energy is at its peak, after being nurtured throughout the Spring.  In terms of Chinese Medicine, we […]

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What is Total Wellness?

Greetings!  First, let me wish each of you moms out there a joyous and beautiful Mother’s Day.  May you be showered with the love you have given to your children and granted health, joy and peace as you continue on life’s journey, wherever it may lead. I’d like to spend a little time chatting with […]

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A Message of Hope For You!

Hello again!  I’m happy to be able to share with you as we have entered a new month together. The weather has been a bit tumultuous lately with wild swings from bitter cold to very warm weather and some very heavy rain and wind storms in between.   Sometimes these weather patterns lead not only […]

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