Utilized to treat a variety of disorders via the stimulation of acupuncture points; points selected are based on individualized assessment and evaluation.


Auricular Therapy
A microsystem by which stimulation is applied to specific points within the ear to treat pain, sleep disorders, hormonal issues and to help balance emotions; also effective for smoking cessation.


A traditional therapy utilizing glass, silicone or plastic cups applied to the skin creating gentle suction. Cupping stimulates the circulatory system and is utilized for some musculoskeletal and respiratory conditions.


Gua Sha
A traditional treatment modality involving the vigorous stimulation of tissue for the purpose of pain relief, relief of asthma and some digestive issues. Gua sha is anti-inflammatory and stimulates the immune system.


Eastern & Western Nutrition
An integrative, individualized approach combining the energetics of Eastern nutrition with the modern strategies of Western nutrition.